My mom is definitely one of my biggest beauty icons. In fact, almost everything I know about beauty, I've learned from her. How to make a simple at-home face mask to help calm down my sensitive skin, what to do if my nails became dry and brittle, how to brush my hair so that it


I don't normally wear maxi dresses, yet… every once in a while, if I happen to come across something particularly special like this off the shoulder mint dream dress for example, I don't mind making an exception! Perfect in every possible way, I really can't decide what it is that I love most about it,


Well, my obsession with vintage and hard-to-find designer favorites has reached absolutely astronomical proportions recently! It all started a few month ago, when I spotted a Chanel canvas tote in an old magazine and fell in love with it the moment I saw it! I looked for it everywhere, I think I called every Chanel